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“Patience brings greatness, it always takes time”.

LaCruz Miller


LaCruz Miller is an American Artist/Producer of Precious Cut Records, Inc. who is known for expressing his creativity through his own experiences and truths with dynamic skill.


LaCruz Miller represents a lifestyle and a part of culture that you can feel once you grasp his unique way of delivering his thoughts through poetic rhymes, lyrical harmonies blended with unforgettable rhythms and cadences thanks to the brilliance of his enigmatic and dynamic mindset.


LaCruz Miller continues to grow as a more dynamic and well defined artist and producer that keeps blessing us to enter his world of lyrical poetry such as with his latest EP, "Alive and Well" which is literally a reintroduction of who LaCruz Miller is as he taps into some of his deeply rooted emotions that leads into his loner mentality EP titled "Spirit of the Lone Wolf" which clearly explains in his own words the importance of self love and the ability to live life to it's fullest potential if you allow yourself to.